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are they for real
Category: Business
Tags: Zaken Corporation, scam
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11/29/2010 1:34 PM (PST)

the zaken corp. has asked me to send them money to get started in one of their programs. I am hesitant to send money without knowing about the company.

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11/30/2010 12:49 AM (PST)

You should never send money without first looking up a company there's allot of scams going on were people are just out to get your money

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12/1/2010 8:22 AM (PST)


You can view their BBB Report and TL Reviews at the links above your question. They have an F Rating and numerous complaints on file.

From their BBB Report:

"Most complainants allege they are dissatisfied with materials received due to misrepresentation of the offer, and incomplete disclosures concerning start-up costs. In general, people complain that after purchasing the package, the company does not come up with buyers for the merchandise, does not pay for the liquidated merchandise and does not cooperate with the customers at all."

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