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United First, Inc. left 2,000 desperate homeowners in even greater debt!
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9/23/2010 9:40 AM (PST)

Mitchell Roth has been ordered by California Attorney General, to pay restitution to desperate homeowners who paid him thousands of dollars to file “frivolous and phony” lawsuits and didn’t reduce a penny of their mortgage debt.

Mr. Roth, a seasoned Los Angeles attorney, joined with Nevada-based United First Inc. and the company's owner, Paul Noe, to provide foreclosure relief services to homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages.

To view minutes from the People of CA vs United First, Inc. Complaint for restitution, Civil Penalties and Equitable Relief visit:

To view the entire article in the Los Angeles Times visit:

The State of Bar of California advises Mitchell Roth “Not eligible to practice law” and has shut down three offices in California. To view Mitchell Roth’s license status, visit:

To obtain a copy of a Better Business Bureau Reliability Report visit:

To read Trustlink reviews visit:

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