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replicable debt consolidation/debt settlement companies...
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12/22/2009 7:11 PM (PST)

Is anyone going thru a debt consolidation/debt settlement company and can recommend them for following what they said they will do? If so what is the business name and where are they located?

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12/23/2009 7:29 AM (PST)

I agree with Bill M. All any reputable debt solution company can do is notify your creditors of your debt problems and seek debt relief. You can contact your creditors directly, explain you situation, and negotiate debt relief. Why pay a fee to a third party to do what you can do better yourself? Reputable banks/lenders are usually open to honest communications with creditors who experience problems. Creditors do not wish to foreclose houses or repossess collateral. They fair very poorly in the resell market as this is not their business.

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