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Complaint Posted 7/12/2017
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WORST Customer Service, Do NOT buy, Far from "Perfect!"
This review reflects my personal experience with the company "Christina Cosmetics" as of July 2017. I discovered CC through a TV infomercial advertising their "Perfect Pigment" mineral makeup, as most of us have. Being a mother of young children, I was intrigued by the ease of the product...we all know how it is to get out the door looking decent with young ones in tow. I was even more intrigued that it claimed to an "all-natural, toxin-free, mineral makeup." Fast Forward to ordering and trying their makeup: I called and received an immediate answer on the other line, ordered the #2, I am a tan colored caucasian. My experience with the makeup: First of all I only used HALF the compact bc the "blush" made my skin take on a red look (yes, even with swirling the brush correctly), the bronzer made my face too tan and the darker of the two skin tone shades was too overpowering against my skin tone when used alongside the blush and bronzer. Therefore, I applied the two skin colored shades separately than the blush and bronzer shades...using only half the bronzer and blush shades before my other shades would be empty. Therefore, I would need to order a new makeup compact whenever the compact was only 1/2 empty. A HUGE waste of makeup for me. I tried again: Again being confident that the makeup was natural and good for me, I tried again...I called CC and requested a custom compact...using only the two lighter shades in the #2 along with the medium shade and bronzer (no blush). I found this cocktail to work better for my skin tone and i did waste less makeup but I still wasn't satisfied with this products wearability and coverage. I do not have problem or uneven skin tone...I have nice, mellow, tan skin and this product still did not wear well or match my skin tone well. The makeup had no "depth" to it. Furthermore, by the time my 2nd compact came around my brush was falling apart and tattered. I needed a new one, so I ordered a new one. I took really good care of the brush but it never lasted me more than 2 compacts before my face would be covered in black brush hairs as I applied their makeup. I also used the CC mascara and was not a fan, it did nothing for my eyelashes except simply coat them in black color for the volume, length, curl...nothing special. I immediately cancelled the mascara after trying it out. The concealer for the #2 had an orange tint to it so I used it once and never again. Then...I stopped trying: I ordered from a different company (a makeup I tried on IN PERSON<<< and that is HUGE folks...try your makeup on IN PERSON with someone who knows you and sees you, can TRULY match your "perfect pigment" and then when you have an issue or question you can go back IN PERSON and resolve the issue. It is so easy to want to simply call or click a button and have something delivered to you but in the end the convenience is NOT worth it because when something does go wrong and inevitably it WILL, you will need and want your problem to be resolved and resolved as quickly as possible. Companies that have actual stores and places set aside to try product know from experience how to deal with real people, real people like me and you. The majority of companies who deal with people IN PERSON truly care about their customer, they care about YOU and want to meet your needs. If a company can't meet the needs of their customers and have subpar customer service or businessmanship, they will end up with a very unhappy following followed by a failing business. Makeup is a big deal, you use it every single day. Every one you know sees you in it every single day. You want the makeup and the customer service you receive to be as "perfect" as possible. You want to be able to TRUST the manufacturers of something you use every single day. You don't want to feel you have been taken advantage of or discredited for your opinion...instead you want your needs to be met. After all when practicing a good business model or good businessmanship the manufacturer should WANT to keep their customers satisfied and willing to share their products in a positive manner with other potential customers. Our society has moved to one that researches and reviews products, companies and people online...I can only give my true experience with the company "Christina Cosmetics" and their customer service in this manner...through a "review." .....................MOST IMPORTANTLY................ My Customer Service Review of Christina Cosmetics: After my last call to Christina Cosmetics & finding a new makeup I thought I had cancelled my auto-ship orders with CC. (As we all know you can ONLY order CC by using Auto Ship.) I was later proved to be "wrong" because CC customer service insisted they listen to my last call with them (that was in May and August of is now July of 2017) During that call I had requested a new "custom compact" that was only customized by adding a second light color of the compact instead of the blush from the same compact. My Auto-ship was scheduled for every 9 months. I had not received another compact, call, email or even thought about CC since August of 2016....a YEAR ago! I returned home from a month long family vacation June 24, 2017 and discovered a new compact in my PO BOX as well as a bank withdrawl of $39 from CC. I immediately called CC to tell them I cancelled my order and wanted to return the makeup and be refunded. My call went straight to voicemail where they assured me I would receive a call back within 24 hours. A WEEK went by. No call back. I called again and left another message. ANOTHER WEEK went by. No call back. Then, yesterday...after 2 weeks (NOT 24 hours), I did receive a call back. I asked why it took so long and they blamed the 4th of July holiday. Therefore, being that nearly every month has a holiday...definitely expect it to take 2 weeks to receive a call back from Christina Cosmetics Customer Service, not 24 hours as advertised on their website and voicemail. When I finally did receive my call back Customer Service first told me that my "Perfect Pigment" compact was nonrefundable, first due to the fact that it was "customized" (remember from my previous review on the actual makeup itself…After trying out the #2 compact “as is” I needed to add an additional lighter shade to my #2 compact and forfeit the blush) and also due to the fact my 14 days was up to return. I told them I was out of town and had airplane tickets to prove I didn't receive my compact until June 24 but they dismissed my claim and said they would NOT under any circumstance return my compact or refund my money. They said they couldn't "resell" it because it was customized. I informed her how easy the compacts are to put together as you just "pop" the little triangle tins in and out...(she obviously didn't know her own makeup), again she refused to hear me out. I informed her that I did not like the makeup and switched a YEAR ago and asked why I didn't receive an email or call or anything regarding a new compact being delivered to me and her response was that, "You should take responsibility for your orders and put them in your phone!" I informed her that her customer service, attitude, and businessmenship was the worst I had ever personally experienced and I am honestly surprised they even have a business at all. She made ZERO effort in resolving my issue, meeting my needs, offering assistance, or being in any way helpful. Like I said before she actually pulled YEAR old phone conversations I had when placing my last order to defend her position against me cancelling my order...therefore, keeping my $39 and leaving me with more landfill clutter. I am disgusted with what these BIG businesses can get away with. They can spend THOUSANDS of dollars on TV infomercials but can’t refund $39 to a working family that didn’t like or want their product. PRIORITIES. Customers first. Without satisfied customers there is no business. I believe Christina Cosmetics will see the last of their days soon. PLEASE BE WARNED! The worst Customer Service I have EVER experienced. Do yourself a favor and visit an actual makeup store and give some hardworking man or woman in there your business…your business WILL matter to them and their family. Your $39, your time, your opinion does matter. Make yourself heard. The last thing Christina Cosmetics Customer Service said to me when I asked her to take me off their Auto Ship list, mail list, customer list, ect. was “GLADLY!” And that my friend speaks the most about their customer service…they do NOT care about you…they will “GLADY” forfeit your business because they refuse to meet your needs. I wish you all the best. Cancel your Auto Ships NOW before its too late for you too! Also notice if you visit the United States, “Christina Cosmetics” FaceBook page or website there is NO place for reviews. There is a reason for that! Side note on those interested in Christina Cosmetics solely for the purpose of their “Natural, toxic free, mineral makeup”…. Even if CC perfect pigment was the perfect non-toxic makeup it claims. (Remember besides my HUGE Customers Service issue…I still did not like the way the product wore on my skin.) Here is some additional information: As per their website the Perfect Pigment mineral makeup contains the following ingredients: Mica , Magnesium, Zinc, Dimethicone, Bismuth Oxychloride, Silica, Butyrospermum Parkii, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower extract, Tocopherol. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Carmine, Iron Oxides, CI 77499, Red 30 Lake, Ultramarines, Manganese Violet. According to (an unbiased research database that analyzes skincare toxicity and hazard level by product, ingredient, company and brand I found Christina Cosmetics to not be as toxic-free or natural as they claim. CC has not listed their products or brand with at the time of this review but by simply searching the ingredients there are definitely hazards in their products (both their makeup and skincare lines.) Being a pregnant mother of young children I for one do not want to put anything potentially hazardous or toxic on or in my body. The EWG database scores overall product toxicity and analyzes cancer risk, organ system toxicity (reproductive and non-reproductive), Ecotoxicology, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), bioaccumulation, allergies and immunotoxicity. They a 1-2 (low hazard) 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard). After searching the EWG database I concluded the following: Dimethicone (3-moderate hazard), for organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Ecotoxicology, was included in the Perfect Pigment mineral makeup. I will not be trying their new skin care line as the ingredients of that line contain far more toxic and hazard ingredients than their mineral makeup. You may look up any product or ingredient on the database for yourself. I want all customers of all products to be able to make informed decisions on what goes on and in our bodies and that of our children and families. We can’t just “trust” a company for doing what is “right” or honest anymore. Best of luck to you and yours.
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