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  • I decided to send in some gold chains I no longer used. Response was quick, easy. Payment was direct deposited. Highly recommend for selling old je... Read More »
  • James Richards is a honest and trustworthy man he is always willing to point out to you where you messed up and how to correct your mistakes , I n... Read More »
  • I've used them a couple times, and their crews are friendly, motivated, and highly effective. Strong and steady hands have ensured no damage to any... Read More »
  • Matthew and his staff patiently guided me through the process of setup of the SDIRA, transfer of funds and the purchase of metals. All of my questi... Read More »
  • Scheduled these guys for a tune up and cleaning in the beginning of November when I sold my house. They said they couldn't come until the 29th of N... Read More »
  • We reached out to them from a piece of marketing about a refinance and they ended up helping us set everything up with my wife's parent's house for... Read More »
  • It’s rare nowadays to interact with businesses (much less ones you owe money to) that provide efficient service without feeling they are just readi... Read More »
  • My wife and I worked with them on our jumbo loan. After getting the run around with a few big box lenders that quite frankly treated us like a burd... Read More »
  • spoke to this company a couple of times till I decided to use them and I made a great decision to hire them. They prepared a few years of delinquen... Read More »
  • ATTN! THIS IS A LKQ SUBSIDIARY! This should be all you need to know! The gearhead folks will point out their long tradition of remanufacturing engi... Read More »
  • Definitely the best decision i made to get new equipment. Answer all my questions and doubts. 100% Professionalism. Thanks Chris Birky Read More »
  • I am very happy with FLR services. They are extremely professional and have really helped with my loan situation. Read More »
  • This company is amazing! Thanks to them, I am free of the government taking my taxes, as I am a single mother, and struggle pay check to pay check.... Read More »
  • Motion Edits you are provide best services and i am very happy to use your protect Read More »
  • Me atendió la señorita Leticia Ramírez en el mes de enero del 2021 habiendo aplicado enviando toda la información el 22 de diciembre del 2020 para... Read More »
  • They helped us with a VA loan and it ended up being a really good thing for us. The process was easy and everyone I talked to was up beat and frien... Read More »
  • de mi entrenamiento con esta reclutadora salimos buenos choferes, todos después de 6 años seguimos en la misma empresa...feliz dia Read More »
  • I felt the courses were very informative, and that it was broken down in a way as to not overload the user with information all at once. Great buil... Read More »
  • I went with the on a VA loan because I liked the rep I talked with. This isn’t the first refinance I’ve done so I was expecting more of a hassle bu... Read More »
  • My names Jacob W. And would like to thank everyone that has helped me along the way! Ruth Gross has been very helpful and has answered every questi... Read More »
  • complacidos en su aniversario, muchas felicidades en este día..le deseamos lo mejor.. gracias por darnos la oportunidad hace ya mas de 6 años. Read More »
  • I wanted to say how helpful and knowledgeable Aly was with regard to the item I was interested in purchasing from TBE. Aly was able to answer the q... Read More »
  • I had a 40 minute session with Christopher going over the risks, benefits and alternative options to the Jumbo Reverse Mortgage loan I was seeking.... Read More »
  • I highly recommended Kiwi Services for your carpet cleaning. We have been using their services for a number of years. They do an excellent job, are... Read More »
  • Today, Oz Moving company delivered my furniture. We had initially set a virtual walkthrough to get an estimate. Once they came to pack our stuff, t... Read More »
  • I am so happy I did the right thing! I decided to pick up the phone and call Optimum First Mortgage while shopping for our refinance (gsorry to the... Read More »
  • My case manager is always willing to help me out with my monthly payments. Which is always convenient for me. Thanks Tyler & Alex Read More »
  • i paid in advance, as always, and was then notified of the sunset situation. i acted immediately ans was set up by geoarm. i was then told of the a... Read More »
  • After several years of trying to hide the "Elephant in the Closet" DTP came through just as promised! They gave me peace of mind and dealt with IRS... Read More »
  • Ive never experienced anything like this. I applied for a sales position with alex king.. He then emailed me that it was strictly commission... Read More »
  • Thank you everyone at Red Metal Workers. Good experience. Really did a good job. Read More »
  • I didn't really know what to do because my banking account and my paycheck were getting levied by the IRS. I took a chance and called Defense Tax P... Read More »
  • Buckley Windows of Fort Lauderdale are 5-Star in my book, and an A+ from a tough professor who would never give an A+. We hired Buckley to update a... Read More »
  • Defense Tax Partners helped me in a situation that I knew I couldn't handle on my own. Very happy with what they did for me. Thanks! Read More »
  • Full-service asphalt maintenance business specializing in pothole repair, seal coating, and line striping. We are a group of asphalt professionals... Read More »
  • The HOA scheduled work to be done which was going to require access to numerous homeowners garages. I couldn’t take a full day off of work and need... Read More »
  • Dont use their service sending balikbayan box to philippines.they are rude very unproffesional people save yourself from headaches.it takes too eff... Read More »
  • The first few days were a little overwhelming. But our consultant Alex's patience and persistence have helped us through one of the more difficult... Read More »
  • My cousin Alex told me about a hacker named METRONET, who is an expert on credit repair and how he deleted negative reports on his credit such as I... Read More »
  • My cousin Alex told me about a hacker named METRONET, who is an expert on credit repair and how he deleted negative reports on his credit such as I... Read More »
  • My cousin Alex told me about a hacker named METRONET, who is an expert on credit repair and how he deleted negative reports on his credit such as I... Read More »
  • Their consultants are extremely professional. I’m was very impressed with them and their ability to provide results within the window they provided... Read More »
  • My current sales team was in dire need of training. They were doing outreach for leads and cold calling future clients. They were NOT closing deals... Read More »
  • I have been in the industry for the past 5 years and I have used several printing services over the last couple years, Next Day flyers is the most... Read More »
  • it’s great to work with a company that can actually deliver what they promise. Read More »
  • Tridant aims to lead the logistical management of the legal cannabis industry, with Tridant innovative Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S), an industr... Read More »
  • If you want to get you tax issues taken care of, Defense Tax Partners will do a great job. Read More »
  • I like the doctor and the staff they make me feel comfortable and I will recommend this doctor's office to my family and friends. Read More »
  • Just had to share what a great experience we had with DTP! The first representative that we had didn't do such an amazing job but once our case was... Read More »
  • Don't trust this owner he's shady and can't be trusted. We found out he also being sued by other people he screwed over. Read More »
  • STAY AWAY! Like other reviews, very dishonest company. I prepaid over $7,000 for repair work to be completed. Trailer was totaled (insurance) out i... Read More »
  • I would like to personally thank Anthony and the whole crew at 1st Choice Lending for making me feel comfortable and at ease during my process in r... Read More »
  • I am an online shopper. I do not like malls etc. So I have a great deal of experience purchasing online clothes. There are times when I order multi... Read More »
  • Republic Pest Control Magnolia offers quality pest control and exterminator service in Magnolia, Texas. We also offer pest control in Tomball, Cypr... Read More »
  • Nicole Clocherty from NEW ERA DEBT SOLUTIONS is the BEST! She has negotiated/settled another credit card of mine. Now this is the 6th in 8 months!... Read More »
  • I reached out to Advantage Gold simply to explore the opportunities they offer. I was promptly contacted by Mr. Michael Smollins, a Senior Account... Read More »
  • Having dealt with other people and companies who deal in precious metals, my experience with Richard Scardina at Advantage Gold was a godsend. I am... Read More »
  • I had the opportunity to work with Brad Lipton and he made the process of metals investing positively seamless. I knew nothing about it when I star... Read More »
  • We sell a single-blade premium razor with disposable cartridges, made for the convenience of a cartridge razor with the quality and feel of a singl... Read More »
  • Both my wife and I bought metals from Shaun Boz and Advantage Gold , they were very helpful with buying and selling . I will always use Shaun . Tha... Read More »
  • I want to extend my appreciation to Shaun Boz for his friendship and guidance in all my investments. I have an unwavering trust in him. Thanks Shau... Read More »
  • My visit at Federal Limo & Taxi was the BEST experience I've ever had with a salon. I'm the kind of woman who demands to be seen within 10 minutes... Read More »
  • I was struggling to find what I wanted online for a spinning bike. Aly came to my rescue and I'm pumped about the purchase I made. She was incredib... Read More »
  • Fun, loving environment that provides enrichment activities for children 5 and up. From our Abacus Math Club to our Young Write's and Publisher's. ... Read More »
  • I contacted Advantage Gold from a radio ad i heard on a radio station in Central Pa. on 10-6-21. I had a reply the same day from Account Executive... Read More »
  • Aly helped me choose a better treadmill than what I was originally considering. Very happy with my purchase and Aly's help! Thank you Read More »
  • I went to Mr. Silberman when my husband was arrested and taken out of our house. We did not know what was going on. Mr. Silberman immediately spoke... Read More »
  • The minute I walked into the office, felt so welcoming. Excellent customer service! And the doctor explained very well my foot condition. I'll reco... Read More »
  • This is probably the best experience I had so far! Dr. Reisman was extremely professional and responsive. He explained everything to me in understa... Read More »
  • I have had the best experience working with Stephen Vokshori and his staff! He is representing me as a realtor and a real estate attorney. After my... Read More »
  • Dan was truly helpful tome during hits whole process. He assisted me with any issue I had immediately and had everything in order so I knew exactly... Read More »
  • I've worked at Legal Brand Marketing for almost 7 years! There is growth potential, great benefits, bonuses and fun coworkers. LBM is innovative an... Read More »
  • I'm in the middle updating my site via FTP and it stops mid push. It refuses to connect so I can finish. My site is now down. I try and create a su... Read More »
  • EZ Flood Restoration USA offer all kinds of repair and restoration for pipes, faucets, floors, wood floors, sub floors, ceilings, furnaces, and oth... Read More »
  • I made the mistake of placing a $36,000 ($40k by the end of it) astrophotography order with WH. It went wrong from the start. Because I placed the... Read More »
  • I had plumbing issue in my property. I was so tired of all water damage issues, so I called Ez Plumbing USA. They have well trained team who provid... Read More »
  • I am extremely happy with the service that Matthew and his staff have provided me, as I made my first journey into purchasing precious medals. He i... Read More »
  • Needed flowers on a particular day made order early enough. Next day I get an email ordered delayed due to weather. There was light rain in the are... Read More »
  • They did the inside of my home. it came out outstanding. they were friendly and professional. Thank you Read More »
  • I have been a client of AG for almost 4 years, and the service they provide is second to none. I always get my questions answered promptly, and if... Read More »
  • We moved twice in the same year, and used this company for each move. Had no idea something that stressful could be so nice. Our first move was acr... Read More »
  • Been customer since 2012. In 2016 we start getting delays and website not working properly. Try to order again in 2020, no response. Charged my cc... Read More »
  • I appreciate Ms. Lenora Taylor, and all the time spent working to get Franchise Tax Board and IRS off my back. I was afraid I was going to lose eve... Read More »
  • Totally recommend this place to others, there was never an issue for me, the staff is very professional, the facility is very clean also there is n... Read More »
  • The Credit Repair Oklahoma City OK locals can count on to improve their scores and better their financial futures! Our team of experienced Oklahoma... Read More »
  • Dr. Dvorkina is my current PCP, and I must say she is smart, knowledgeable, considerate, patient, professional and she really cares for me as her p... Read More »
  • I LOVE Metronet Credit Solution! I am a realtor here in Denver, and they are my first suggestion to clients of mine. I have worked closely with Met... Read More »
  • My liaison Gina G, was a great communicator, and very efficient. Unfortunately, there was a lack in the ending stage of the process, where there wa... Read More »
  • They are very professional, knowledgeable, & have great communication skills. Most of all, they are very supportive. Read More »
  • After I turned Fred down for a house for rent he became obsessed posting pictures of my family online and harassi B BEWARE I do not believe thi... Read More »
  • We are here to thank Tommy and his All Year Cooling. All of his technicians are HVAC certified, have years of experience, and are highly educated.... Read More »
  • We have had an outstanding experience with ClaimTek. The team has provided us with great training, answering all our questions, and helping us in e... Read More »
  • The Best Siding Contractors in Kansas City MO. Our team of experienced Kansas City siding contractors can handle both residential and commercial pr... Read More »
  • Two words: Easy. Trustworthy. This company did more than just hold my hand through the process, they took the wheel and steered me right through t... Read More »
  • if you have any problems with his work he will dismiss you say he'll show and wont will go on for 3 weeks i have been threatened yelled at threaten... Read More »
  • I am doing a review on behalf of my mother who is a trusting senior citizen, in regards to the customer service and landscaping work done by Mr. Br... Read More »
  • Best Dentist Spa in Brooklyn! I love it here, the staff is super friendly and personable. Read More »
  • My entire experience with this office has been very pleasant and I would highly recommend them! I felt very comfortable with Dr. Mariz and he answe... Read More »
  • The Best Roofing Contractors in Bakersfield CA. Our team of experienced Bakersfield roofing contractors can handle both residential and commercial... Read More »
  • Ms. Lenora Taylor is very professional, easy to work with, and always responds to calls or emails in a timely fashion. Our experience has been very... Read More »
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