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Customer Reviews, Ratings & Complaints
Complaint Posted 2/7/2013
K2 Network aka Gamersfirst aka Reloaded Production
Do not trust this company to address issues. They have wrote a Terms of Use and End User License Agreement that is unconscionable (adhesion contract). It is so one sided that the consumer has NO RIGHTS AT ALL they should be reported to the BBB as... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/7/2012
This company has scammed me out of $400+ dollars. Banned both of my accounts and for reasons they wont tell me. I have wrote several tickets to support just to have my ticket closed. When I post on forums about this all I have is mod's telling me... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/6/2011
Review 2/6/2011
I attempting to resolve my issue with K2 direct and was treated not as a customer but as a complainer. I was banned from their forums as a result. I finally came to the BBB for resolution and was shocked to see the AAA+ rating as well. I filed the... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/1/2011
Review 2/1/2011
I don't know what to say. I am completely astounded by the BBB's A+ rating of K2 Network. This company is all about the money! They could care less about their customers. I have poured hundreds of dollars into this company and when I contact them... Read More »
Complaint Posted 12/31/2010
Review 12/31/2010
i cant believe that this company has a A+ with BBB after reading all the complaints G1 i purchased 80$ in items from there cash mall and am still waiting over two months now for my items to be given to me and was also banded from the forum for ask... Read More »
Complaint Posted 11/22/2010
Review 11/22/2010
With companies, this is as low as it gets. I've been playing Warrock for four years, and spent over 400 dollars on it, including a 90 dollar permanent weapon that came with a box that after 7 months has still yet to be shipped. Also they banned me... Read More »
Complaint Posted 7/7/2010
Review 7/7/2010
THIS COMPANY WILL STEAL FROM YOU I've played an online game made by K2 Network for over four years, paying to play much of the time. The company deactivated my account (after I spent nearly $300 on premium service and items of course) for no... Read More »
Review Posted 6/22/2010
Review 6/22/2010
This company is a joke. They have great games but the company just fucks them up. I personally have been playing Knight Online for over 5 years, yes you heard it right, 5 years. Not once have i asked for any support at all until now, my account g... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/27/2010
Review 5/27/2010
K2 Network is absolutely terrible. I sent in FOUR support tickets to help me get my lost account's password back. I even bought Platinum Premium which was $34.95 so they would respond faster and give me better service. I sent in FOUR tickets and e... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/19/2010
Review 5/19/2010
Played game for over ____four years____, despite all the bug abusers, scammers, hackers and other people that abuse the game. Many people use spam bots in the Lobby to advertise hack sites (many of which contain malware etc) and the Game Masters d... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/16/2010
Review 1/16/2010
i have been playing knight online for almost 5 years now. at those days it was fun to play GMs r every to help u and to kill every hacker but these days it's like there is NO K2 NETWORK. soo far k2 is a piece of pup that small bad and doing not... Read More »
Complaint Posted 9/11/2009
Review 9/11/2009
by far the worst cusomer service out of anygame i have ever played. you buy premium mebership of the games to have better customer service yet you get the same result as someone who just started the game... in game if you ever have a problem there... Read More »
Complaint Posted 8/4/2009
Review 8/4/2009
The worst customer service I have ever experienced; GM's (game masters) only online a few hours a day; need 24/7 GM presence. Their version of security must mean giving new code to hackers as soon as they get it so that new cheats/hacks are availa... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/28/2009
Review 6/28/2009
K2 has a lack of respect for paying players and legit players...Turkish people are always paying off GM'S with real money for items or for a character to be unbanned...Game is very lame and needs a good managment. Whenevr a new GM gets on and bans... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/26/2009
Review 6/26/2009
As far as what is to like about this company and the way they run their services there is almost nothing to speak of. As stated in other reviews the game Knight Online is overrun with hackers cheaters and dupers, which seem to be supported by K2 s... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/9/2009
Review 6/9/2009
As i've been playing a game this company has the rights to for over four years (Knight Online), i realize that this company has a very BAD way of dealing with things. I have also played another one of their games (WarRock) and this game is also ve... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/9/2009
Review 6/9/2009
As most people, my connection with K2 is mostly trough playing their online games. Despite the quality content of the games that they are providing, i can not say i am happy about the companies actual interactions with its customers. A quick glanc... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/14/2009
Review 5/14/2009
My experience of the K2 network is through its flagship game KnightOnline a game which at the moment is unplayable. All areas of the game are overun by third party tool users making pking, farming and exping impossible for those who pay to play t... Read More »
Review Posted 4/17/2009
Review 4/17/2009
It cracks me up all the negative feedback knight online gets. Yes it is correct, there are alot of bugs and issues that need to be delt with. There is with every game. I belive they are working on it the best they can.

Knight Online is the mos... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/3/2009
Review 4/3/2009
Game play in most if not all of K2 released games are full of bugs and issues. K2 games are supposed to be free to play but you can not log on during peak hours, weekends or during events unless you pay for premium service to log on. The game Knig... Read More »
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